June 1, 2019

Oh, the Workshops!

Have you looked at the board array of workshops we have scheduled for this year? If not, head over to the ‘2019 Event Workshops’ page. But here’s a quick list of titles to fire you up!

  • Social Schizophrenia: Building a Brand WITHOUT Losing Your Mind
  • Understanding the Antagonist: How to Write Novels Readers CANNOT Put Down
  • Teen Themes: What Makes a Novel YA?
  • Embracing Your Writing Process—No Matter How Stupid Someone Else Thinks It Is
  • Show, Don’t Tell: The Three Most Misunderstood Words in a Writer’s Vocabulary
  • Dive Deep into Dialogue
  • Seducing The Reader: The 4 Essential Elements of an Opening
  • LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF DANGER: The Hows and Whys of Using Humor to Freshen your Prose, Strengthen your Story and Deepen your Characterization. Oh, and hook your reader!
  • Planning Your Novel in Ten Easy Steps
  • The Power of Voice
  • Not a Plotter? Not a Pantser? Maybe You’re a PLONSTER!
  • Your Life as Story: Constructing the Truth
  • Memoir and Family: How to turn difficult people (including your mom) into compelling characters
  • How to Raise the Stakes (Without Killing Everyone)
  • Digging Up the past: Understanding the Power of an Emotional Wound
  • Think Short, Write Short — Writing Great Stories
  • The Power of Editing
  • Stumped? Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
  • The Big Secret: Starting and Finishing Your Novel
  • The Perks and Pitfalls of First Person POV
  • Taking Your Reader to Another Era: Crafting Historical Fiction

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