Permian Basin Writers' Workshop

2021 Presenters

2021 Presenters

Steps for creating presenters.

  • Add presenter’s bio with a WP post instead of a page.
    • Do not use Elementor to write post
  • Add person name to Title of post
  • Write bio in body of post
    • Format with WP text editor (shown above). B for Bold, I for Italic, Link for linking text to another website, website page, email, etc.
  • If pasting a bio
    • Paste unformatted
  • If using previously posted presenter or agent
    • Change, or create, the category to 2020 presenter (or the year of the event)
  • Change the Change the Category
    • On the right-hand side of WP post editor is Document tools (left of Block)
      • Add a new category i.e. 2021 Presenter
      • Or select the checkbox for the category if previously created
  • Add presenter’s image
    • In the featured image section on the right-hand in Document tool
  • Click Publish when finished

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