Permian Basin Writers' Workshop

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

This year, we are lucky to have with us, Tiffany Yates Martin!

I help authors tell their stories as effectively, compellingly, and truthfully as possible. My philosophy as an editor is as a midwife, helping you deliver your story–to get the best version of your vision onto the page.
I started in the publishing industry more than twenty-five years ago as a copy editor for the Big Six (back then), when we still used red pencils and to fact-check I had to spend a day at the New York Public Library. As a developmental editor for the last twelve years I work directly with authors as well as through major publishing houses, on titles by New York TimesUSA TodayWashington Post, and Wall Street Journal best-selling and award-winning authors as well as manuscripts for independently published and newer writers.
I hold a BA in English literature from Georgia State University and am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. I’ve had the privilege of leading editing and writing workshops for many writers’ groups, organizations, and conferences, including RWA National, Pikes Peak Writers, Sisters in Crime, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and I contribute to numerous writers’ sites and publications.
My books include a long-held passion project, Intuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing, a comprehensive, actionable, accessible guide for writers on how to edit their own work. And under my pen name, Phoebe Fox, I’ve been on both sides of the “page”; the most recent of my five novels, A Little Bit of Grace, released with Berkley/Penguin in August of 2020.

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