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Shannon Snow – CMA Agent

Shannon Snow – CMA Agent

Shannon Snow worked in finance and marketing for 18 years before turning to her childhood first love… books and writers. She started her publishing career in 2018 and then joined Creative Media Agency, Inc. as an Associate Agent in 2020. She holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature, and also manages the Audio rights department for CMA.

Shannon has a very eclectic reading taste. She looks for books that have a unique angle, and authors that have a wonderful, engaging voice that makes her want to read a sentence again and say “wow” just because of how you worded something. Characterization is a top draw for her because if she can’t connect to a character, she can’t fully engage with a story. So, she’s looking for vivid, well-developed characters. She absolutely loves when an author can make her laugh, make her pull out her tissue box, or just make her feel emotion in general.  She is actively acquiring right now and looking to build up her list. She is looking for Adult and Young Adult fiction in most every category.  Check out her Manuscript Wishlist for specifics.

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