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Abel A. Nunez Jr.

Abel A. Nunez Jr.

Abel A. Nunez Jr. is the founder of Creative Marketing Nerds, a clever little marketing agency in Odessa, TX.

His clients include:

·      Jackalopes Hockey Team (Mobile App Development)

·      Downtown Odessa, Inc. (Rebranding)

·      Fiesta West Texas (Website Development)

·      The New Medical Spa of Midland (Website Development)

·      Ector County Library (Website Development)

·      Catholic Charities (Website Development)

·      Shrimpfest (Marketing)

Before devoting his work fulltime to Creative Marketing Nerds, Abel served as a medic in the Air Force for 11 Years.  His military service includes three years in a special duty assignment as a Medical Unit Readiness Training (MURT) Instructor where he leaned on his ICU and medical trauma experience to prepare other Airmen for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.  As a MURT Instructor he was charged with developing and implementing a three-day training curriculum, and as part of a five-person cadre he was responsible for training over 10,000 Airmen annually.  It was during this time that he discovered his passion for teaching, design, and marketing.

Upon leaving the military Abel attended Hawaii Pacific University where he studied Advertising and Public Relations.  He freelanced as a graphic and website designer throughout his college years and would often find ways to include his client projects into his school projects.  A true entrepreneur at heart, he saw these opportunities as getting paid to learn while earning real-world experience and setting the foundation for what would later become Creative Marketing Nerds.

In addition to his full-time studies and part-time freelancing, Abel also worked as a club promoter, a club dj and hosted one of the only all-Spanish radio shows in Hawaii which helped propel him even further into the world of marketing and advertising.

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